In all rooms you can chat with other visitors.

All the chat partners from the current session are stored in a drop-down list, so you can get back to them quickly.

"Send to all" in the list of chat partners will sends your message to all visitors. This should only be used if you have some general announcement to make. It is also restricted in certain circumstances.

Right-click and select "Properties" to enter standard messages that will be automatically displayed if someone sends a message while you are in a game or are idle (i.e., inactive for a long period of time). A typical autoreply is "Out for a while, will be back at 7 p.m.".

When you are playing a game, you can chat with your opponent directly under the board without clicking a name or message. This conversation is private and cannot be seen by other visitors.

You can right-click the chat window and copy the entire text or a single line. You can also set a different font style and size.

Right-click the chat window and click "Report abuse" if someone is misbehaving on the server. The entire chat is sent, unedited, to the administrators. "Evaluate player" allows you to give specific visitors a positive or negative certificate.

Right-click and use Edit – Ignore to block the chat of unpleasant visitors. You can unblock them in the Edit menu (Edit friend list).

Right-click the chat window and use Edit – Filter chat to all to set the minimum rank of your chat partners.

If you have Windows XP you can have the chat read to you. To do this switch on "Chat to Speech" in the Chat options menu.

See also Chat channels



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